Flybuys Offers in the Coles App: David Mulholland

Fantastic to work with our friends at Coles and the Flybuys App team to make this a reality. This is a terrific integrated loyalty experience for our members who shop at Coles. I’m proud to be involved in this successful release.

Case Study

A problem was poised: ‘How can Coles Group integrate better with Flybuys’.

What resulted was several months of detailed joint discovery, creating a shared vision and defining a roadmap on how we get there.

The shared discovery had an output of several concepts. We then prioritised and sliced these up, defined a shared delivery model, and started work, consisting of days of workshops, weeks of planning and months of hard work across both organisations.

Working alongside a spectacular cross functional team consisting of Coles and Flybuys team members. We proudly released Flybuys Offers in the Coles App. This functionality enables customers to view, activate and hide Flybuys offers without leaving the Coles App ecosystem.

This is a big win for customers, who can now seamlessly access value Supermarket and Fuel offers when they need them, particularly in a tough economic environment.

Very proud to have delivered this feature alongside some absolute superstars, ultimately making a difference in the everyday lives of our customers.

If you haven’t downloaded the Coles App, check it out:
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