Venus Liu, Product Designer @ Flybuys

David Mulholland is an exceptional leader. David has been instrumental in introducing and providing learning opportunities through the Nielsen Norman Group UX certification, ensuring our team stays at the forefront of industry standards. Moreover, David encourages us to challenge ourselves and push our boundaries. His support and motivation have been crucial in our professional development.

David is not only an outstanding leader but also an exceptional contributor. He has adeptly led numerous challenging conversations, always with a focus on constructive outcomes. His ability to navigate complex situations with clarity and poise is truly remarkable.

Working with David has been a truly enriching experience. His vision, commitment, and encouragement have made a significant impact on both our team and my personal growth.

Harley Giles, Chief Growth Officer, Flybuys

David’s ability to embrace that type of change and the ambiguity that comes with that it’s been really good.
I always find the output from David’s work to be really thoughtful really insightful, and it’s been really good.

Claudia Grinzi, Head of Member Operations

I worked with David for 12 months at Flybuys. When I joined the business in the new Head of Member Operations role, David warmly welcomed me and proactively shared relevant member research and insights that he and his Product Design team had produced, to assist me to better understand the member base and support me in my role.

David also led comprehensive discovery and design work on our member FAQs, which are a testament to the success of the platform with our members, supporting them to self-serve and to reduce service centre volumes.

David makes the complex simple and takes the time needed to truly understand the problem at hand before moving into solution mode.
He has a very clear, concise and engaging way of presenting and is a wonderful storyteller.

Tony Siyavong, Head of Product

It’s been a privilege to work with David over a number of years in a Design, Product, and Technology trio where David has played a key role in designing improved experiences for customers.

David proactively brings insights from different industries to curate the right experiences for users to interact and engage with. He has led a team of designers that has brought to life key experiences like the Flybuys and Coles Digital Fuel Dockets that has been in the works for a number of years, the onboarding and linking experiences with key partners Bunnings, Officeworks, and OnePass, and a significant number of member self-serve capabilities that focused on key moments that matter.

As an experience leader that has been able to work cross functionally and maintained a balance between experience, technical solution, and business outcomes, David is a capable professional that can navigate through complex and large-scale initiatives with a proactive and forward-thinking mindset.

Sanika Dandekar, CX & Insights Specialist

David is a fantastic mentor and guide for me at Flybuys. He is approachable and open minded. He is a strong voice for the members and has managed many discovery projects effectively. He has led and executed multiple strategic initiatives across the Product design space. He has a holistic vision that unifies customer Research with product design to deliver relevant business goals. He is a fantastic asset to any team that he is a part of!

Yuna Hu, Senior Product Designer

I had the privilege of working with David during our time at Flybuys. He is not only a remarkably talented designer but also a skilled people manager. His ability to inspire and lead the team while delivering exceptional design work is truly commendable. David is a true asset to any organisation, and I highly recommend him as both a colleague and a leader.

Damian Fasciani, VP: Product, Expert360

In my first 6 months at Caydon, we embarked on building not just a technically proficient set of digital products, but a product set that delivers a world class experience. David was a key member of the Deloitte Digital team leading our UX design, while also adding valuable input into our technical integration strategy across our stack with AWS, Sitecore, Salesforce, and Okta.

David has great business sense, can dive into the technical detail while articulating the impact on design and UX in parallel. I’ve found David’s working style to be both flexible and highly professional. His engagement style and communication is of a very high standard. David added a unique dimension to our digital projects, as we hit challenges and needed to pivot quickly he was able to break down our challenges and present multiple avenues that would lead to our overall business goals. A pleasure to work with.