I’m a Senior UX & Product Design Manager for Flybuys, Australia’s biggest loyalty program, based in Melbourne.

Previously, I was a Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital working across product management, design leadership and managing cross-functional teams.

I am a leading user experience design leader, digital product strategist, business analyst and product manager. Over the past ten years in the industry I have led the design, functional and delivery streams in large digital transformation projects.

My philosophy

Function over form

I approach work with a strong philosophy of function over form.

My idols are Don Norman and Jakob Nielson and I live the philosophy in the two books ‘Design of Everyday Things’ by Don Norman and ‘Don’t Make me Think’ by Steve Krug’.

My primary goal in design is to ensure they can complete their task and be useful to their lives.

No matter how pixel-perfect your interface, you need to make sure it works.


I find that a very common trait among designers I meet is that they want to help people.

I do too.

I have been leading experience design teams for over 8 years and my style is to coach, promote enquiry, teach proper design process and provide honest feedback.

I have daily sessions with my team and weekly 1-on-1’s to provide a connection and continuous learning culture.


Everything must have a purpose and designed to meet an end goal.

I understand that to build a vision for a product, to create differentiation, we need a strategy to get there. I understand that every change must make business sense. I understand that we need justification for change highlighting the problems using data and ensuring ROI or efficiencies can be gained by making the change.

At Flybuys I have developed transformational strategy to CX of the entire company and developed DesignOps strategies to improve capabilities in our UX practice and create efficiencies.

Day to day within a product itself every design must have a strategy down to the smallest element of design. The simplest ensuring we are following design guidelines and when introducing changes, we are making a strategic decision to expand it for new designs.