Design Sprint Facilitation & Concept

It’s been fun to update my skills to the understand the process behind Design Sprint 2.0, the new and improved process which started in Google Ventures.

Design Sprint workshops finished with one of my new fave clients. The process generated 10+ solid concepts which after today the winner will be prototyped.  Wonder what user’s will think…? Can’t wait to find out!

I loved presenting my favourite concept at the Design Sprint I facilitated this week. Humble about the fact that my idea didn’t make it but was great working out the detail of how the user would use the feature in the afternoon storyboard session with the team.

In a slight adaptation on the #designsprint 2.0 process, we spent three days developing an iOS prototype built off the back of the live app to make the most of native iOS features. We had the perfect sprint team to do it. Very proud! Now we are user testing the concept! 🤞🤞

We tested with 5 users over the last 2 days and was able to validate that it’s a great idea. We made heaps of little tweaks to the experience in the app and came up with a stack of new ideas.

Design Sprint down! 1 proven concept developed in iOS in around a week, tested with 10 customers and is going to be loved when it’s released.

So proud to be a part of the strategic design work behind the flybuys gamification project. Congrats to the flybuys team!

Brilliant ideas were generated using the designsprint methodology, prototyped, tested and proven with customers.