2 years at Flybuys: David Mulholland

In the past two years as UX & Product Design Manager, I’ve had the opportunity to take on new challenges and make a real impact on the company.

I have really enjoyed leading major discovery initiatives as a strategic product designer. I am proud of the work I was involved in for digital fuel dockets, a new partnership with Officeworks and Bunnings, addressing many member pain points and there are many more exciting changes in train. These efforts not only helped to drive business growth, but also improved the overall customer experience.

Another one of my major achievements was serving as Senior Digital Manager for 6 months, where I supported web, app, and architectural decisions. This role allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the digital landscape at Flybuys and make informed decisions that aligned with the company’s goals.

I’m also proud of the work I’ve done to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the product design team. I created and led the Design Ops roadmap, which has streamlined processes and allowed the team to work more efficiently. Additionally, I led the development and implementation of the Flybuys digital accessibility policy, which has helped to make our digital products more inclusive for all users.

I’m grateful for the opportunities and support I’ve received at Flybuys over the past two years. Thanks to all my colleagues for making it a great place to work!